Terms and Conditions

Refunds and Returns

You will be eligible for the return or refund if you are in one or more of the following categories:

  • The Item is lost during delivery.
  • The Item has a manufactured defect.
  • The Item size is different from what you ordered.

What should you follow when returning

  • The Item must be in resellable condition.
  • The invoice should also be included inside the package.
  • The Item must not be worn, altered, damaged, or washed.
  • The Item must have all tags attached.

How return policy applies

In most cases, return requests will be handled within 5 – 7 working days depending on the stock availability. Returning items will be collected at the time of your new delivery.
Refunds will be processed after inspection of returned items.
The total value of the order will be refunded except delivery charges.
Transfers can be made to any nominated bank by you. An email with proof will be sent when the transfer is been made.
This usually takes 5 – 7 working days upon receiving the returned package. If any returns do not meet policy requirements which are mentioned in the above section, the items
will not be received by the company. For more information, please contact us using [email protected]

Account and Age

We provide an interface for users to register with Noob Alliance. Noob Alliance website can be accessed by providing personal information and creating an account. Users must provide a strong
password to protect user data. We will not be liable for any loss or damage of user data in case of a data compromise that is not related to the security provided by the website.

Users must be at least 10 years or older to use the website. Please contact us on [email protected] in case any party learns that a minor is using the website or content.

What you cannot do when using the website or any of our platforms

We assure you that the information we collect is used for the Noob Alliance only. When using the platforms including website or any other social media users need to strictly avoid the following:

  • Posting, commenting, messaging any content that is abusive, threatening, obscene, libelous,
    or racially, sexually, religiously or otherwise objectionable, offensive or malicious.
  • Using another user’s account without permission.
  • Provide inaccurate information when registering an account or posting on the platforms.
  • Using platforms for any illegal activities.
  • Trying to misuse the site or trying to illegally change the site, platforms, infrastructure, or network services using methods such as hacking, phishing, etc.
  • Using any software, technology, or device to extract or manipulate data or harm the infrastructure.

Content Policy

All content that is available on platforms is owned by the respective authors of that content. In case there is no author mentioned we will not take responsibility for those content.
We will continuously monitor the content and in case we come across content without authors, we will take necessary actions to update or to take down those content.
We will not take any responsibility for content generated by users and if any party comes across content that is inappropriate please reach us at [email protected], we will take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

Personal Information and IP Address

  • We will not be exposing user data without consent. Apart from the personal information user enters at registration, we keep track of the user IP address to make sure to track the user in case of following events occurred:
  • Personal data breach.
  • Inappropriate content posting, commenting, or sharing using messages.
  • 3rd party requests of data with legal consent.
  • Illegal access to the platforms.


We take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to make sure platforms are not misused, accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed. If you violate our Terms of Service, we may disclose your information to third parties as prescribed by law.

Policy Updates

We will update the policy as needed and once updated will be notified on the website with the updated date.
In a case of a company, ownership changed policy management will be transferred to the new owner.

Contact information
Email: [email protected]
Office: 0770569032

Last updated on 20th February 2022